Wait, What? Tea Stall Vendor Accepting Crypto As Payment Has Surprised Internet

Chai or tea is one of the favorite potions of Indians. Countless people swear by smoking hot brews to wake them up in the morning. The popularity of chai is evidenced by the popping up of chai corners along every street in every city of the country. These chai tapers are very popular, not only because of the cheap prices, but also because of the excellent quality of the chai. Surprisingly or not, these sellers are not accepting payments digitally either. But can you imagine going to your local tea vendor and getting paid in the form of cryptocurrency? This was exactly the picture shared on the internet recently by industrialist Harsh Goenka. To watch:

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The photograph was shared by Dura Goenka’s official Twitter handle. At the click, we could see a tea vendor serving hot chai in earthen pots or ‘kulhads’. Along with the custom of scanning the code for payments, the tea vendor also had a sign that said ‘Crypto Accepted Here’ written on it. “New India,” Harsh Goenka wrote in a tweet caption.

The tweet has already received 1.2k likes and hundreds of retweets and comments. “Advanced India,” said one user in the comments while another wrote, “Serve tea in Kulhar…..prices in Dollars!” Some even thought that it is not possible since cryptocurrency is not allowed in India.

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See the best results:

Do you think cryptocurrency will become an accepted method of payment in the country? Tell us what you think about crypto chaiwala in the comments below.

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