VIDEO: When Tennis Legend Andre Agassi Surprised Everyone by Doing a Sitcom Cameo and Asking Hollywood Actress Christie Brinkley to Put Her Hands in His Trouser Pocket

The former world no. 1 and American tennis legend Andre Agassi is famous for his brilliant, dominant play on the tennis court. But once Agassi entered the realm of the entertainment industry during his tennis journey. The 8-time singles Slam champion revealed his previously hidden talent to work on the popular sitcom of the 90s.


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Agassi dominated the ATP tour while still stunning his fans in an episode of the sitcom, “Mind About You.” The famous American model and actress Christie Brinkley was also part of that episode.


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Andre Agassi was once featured in the popular ’90s sitcom

The 8-time major slam champion stunned his fans with an American actress in a sitcom guest appearance. Andre Agassi and Christie Brinkley appeared in Episode 15 of the second season, titled: “The Real Thing”.

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Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt played the two protagonists of the show. The ’90s sitcom was the story of a married couple in New York City. The plot of episode 15 of season 2 shows Paul (Paul Reiser) investing in virtual reality, although Jamie (Helen Hunt) approves. However, when Jamie tests the technology, he finds out about the virtual characters that were portrayed by Agassi and Brinkley.

During the scene, the former American tennis player asks Brinkley to put his hand in his trousseau pocket to receive a sign. Other notable figures like Leila Kenzle, John Pankow, Anne Ramsay, and Cynthia Harris were also part of the popular 90s sitcom. Another popular Hollywood actress, known for her role in Friends, Lisa Kudrow, also played the part of the star.

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When Agassi entered the fashion industry


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Whether it was his edgy hair or his unique outfits, Agassi always stood out for his style choices. That world no. 1 tennis player once talked about his study in the way of his tennis career. Agassi claimed that he was inclined to be in a state of mind while he was exploring himself.

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER, 1988: Andre Agassi prepares for the 1988 LA Tennis Open in September, 1988 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo Robert Riger/Getty Images)

During his illustrious tennis career, Agassi faced a lot of criticism for his various tennis outfits. However, the American tennis star did not let the opinions of others affect his choices on the court. Agassi went on to defend his choices at Wimbledon, a tournament known for its strict dress code. Due to their “white-white” dress code, they dominated the grass court of the American Grand Slam for three years, from 1988 to 1991, when the following year he came to London and triumphed, one of his remains at the same time the boycott of Wimbledon. highly controversial moments in his career.

What do you think of the Wimbledon dress code? Do you think they will evolve in modern times and the players will use the costumes of their choice?

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