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Believe it or not, it is not true picture…

Soon after graduating high school, I spent a lot of time considering a potential career in graphic design. (Specific website design) It didn’t take long for me to realize just how saturated the market was for graphic designers, and how difficult it would be to make a living with it as a full-time career. While it was something I enjoyed doing, I think it was very stressful for me, especially at the beginning of my career in such an industry. While it was important to me to be able to do something that I enjoy, I also wanted to be able to support my family and have enough money to live comfortably. Other occupations offer a greater opportunity for this. So I decided to pursue other avenues.

This led me away from my graphic design and art career, but it didn’t lead to my love of creating it. I have continued to cultivate some of my skills and use them in situations that occasionally present themselves – working on projects for my friends and family, or just things for my own enjoyment!

One of the things I’ve always struggled with is that I’m not very skilled at drawing. While I understand the techniques and principles of form, color, balance and foliage. I cannot do these things with a brush and paper, or a glass. I often envy those who can create art almost effortlessly using such simple tools! The act of being able to bring something into existence that is an idea in your head is a skill that I have longed to have.

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I come back to the present – from this premise, I am so excited to share how technology and deep learning algorithms are bringing this dream of creative expression into reality for many like it.

While the concept of AI often populates the ideas of culture, the idea of ​​machines taking over the world and becoming self-aware. The idea is not far from the reality that is artificial intelligence today.

Artificial intelligence (or deep learning) algorithms are essentially computer programs designed to behave in a pattern similar to how our brains work in neural networks. While modern AI systems are far simpler than the human brain, the principles on which they operate are essentially the same. The algorithm is “trained” using very large datasets, which it draws and understands based on repeated testing and feedback. This is the basis of how the Google image search system works. The dataset is all the images that Google runs through its system. The algorithm looks at this information and begins to understand the similarities of the images. These similarities begin to be generated and weighted in mathematical models. By looking at many pictures of cats, and comparing them to others, (such as dogs, people, and street signs) one can figure out what makes a cat look like a cat in a mathematical sense. These models are run over long periods of time with a huge amount of data and calculations. These mathematical models become very good at predicting things that only human intelligence can give us. Things like understanding language, knowing terms, and even creating art.

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Perhaps this explanation of artificial intelligence and how it is used in art has prompted the question: “Is this an illusion?”

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times over the years as I rely heavily on digital tools for my creations. I come to a conclusion that which is laid down when you perceive art. If you value the human ability to possess the skill, creativity, time and effort to create something with simple tools, then it is. Perhaps the use of a computer is a “trick” because it removes more of the manual labor and time-consuming work associated with creative art in some mediums.

But I don’t usually think of art that way. I find purpose in creating art often to have the satisfaction of capturing something quickly from my mind. I find great joy in doing what isn’t there yet. (Certainly not as a total combined) My goal is to create art and consume the emotions that art generates. I personally don’t care whether someone writes original and creative music, or how much time was spent producing it. While these are testaments to craftsmanship and dedication, they do not attribute to the quality of the craft (at least to me).

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I care much more about how the art makes me to feel.

Of course, saying this is not necessarily the right or the right way to see it. There are many angles to art and how people relate to it. This is how we tend to process and perceive.

As I started using this technique, I started thinking about how I could advise it. I will call this creation the “Creative Nerd Design Company.”

I have pursued a few different revenue streams in which I capitalize on these tools and invest in my art to create decorative art and other design applications. I will share some new social links below. These accounts will be where I share my creations, whether for potential sales, and the news that people can be satisfied with creative and interesting art!

Please feel free to follow my art blog at Creative Nerd Design Co. or Instagram at

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