Super Glide Sport

Super Glide Sport – On this page, you will find all important information about the specific machine in a tabular overview. From engine, top speed and fuel consumption to equipment details. Much of this information can be found in the manufacturer’s data sheets, and if you enter or add information here, please ensure that it is correct and understandable, as other riders will rely on your information.

In this area, you can enter a short summary or a longer description of the particular motorcycle. You can use the manufacturer’s data sheet or website as a guide for these texts. The description does not have to be given word for word, you can use it as a suggestion for your own description. Please do not write your own bike reviews here or quote copyrighted text from magazines. Use only what the manufacturer provides for free.

Super Glide Sport

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In this category you will find various Harley-Davidson conversions from our forge. Each bicycle has a picture gallery, in which you will also find a list of spare parts, with a direct link to our online store.

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He has been producing his own frames since 2000 and has developed many variants during that time. From the rather tame Freestyle Cruiser version to the brutal GP Dragster, the unique fanatic will find everything his heart desires here.

In this gallery you will find a small selection of recent employee projects. We have manually adapted or modified several parts from our special selection for the model. Some things have even been completely redesigned and carefully handcrafted!

Chrom Stahl 10.5

Dates of events as far as the eye can see. From upcoming events or roadhouse events, sponsored events or live style events and Harley-Davidson.

There is always something going on in Hamminkeln! In this category you can see everything from open days, live concerts, roadhouse parties and meetings of the last two decades.

The team also visits various meetings, fairs and events outside Hamminkel. In this category you can gain a little insight into the many tours.

Harley-Davidson introduces eight all-new Softail models that successfully synthesize the performance of previous Dyna models and the classic look of the Softail series.

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Harley Davidson Super Glide Feiert 50. Geburtstag • Thunderbike

Here you will find an excellent selection of new and well-maintained Harley-Davidson used motorcycles with quality marks and a one-year Europe-wide warranty. So you can browse carefree when you’re in a hurry!

Especially for those who want to call an original their own, we have put together an overview of our currently discounted bikes. Here you can find slightly different bikes!

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