Rockstar Shoes

Rockstar Shoes – All custom shoes are handmade by Italian artisans from pure Italian leather. Each designer pair is unique and combines traditional craftsmanship, quality and modern style in a perfect Italian product.

Classic high-top sneakers reminiscent of the original basketball shoes from the 70s with a distinctive logo on the protected back. The shoe is made of genuine Italian leather, natural cotton laces and reinforced eyelets.

Rockstar Shoes

Rockstar is a protected design and limited edition product. You will only find a very limited quantity in this shop. When you purchase one of the few products available, you will receive an official limited edition certificate with a unique limited edition design code: #GY6419.

She’s A Rockstar Sneakers

Enjoy a high-quality, complete collector’s package with stunning print quality, handcrafted Italian construction and a strong magnetic clip. This designer piece adds great value to an already exceptional pair of shoes.

I love them. The quality is better than I expected and the fit is perfect! I was also very impressed with the box!

The shoes are very well made and the leather is very soft. You will see and feel the quality.

I can’t get over the quality of each shoe! Unpredictable, accurate, well made and very sharp!

Stilts Luxury Elastic Rockstar Sneaker — Stilts Shoes

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The shoes are handmade in Italy. Once you buy a pair, the shoes are made and shipped to you.

Now is the time to try your luck, you can win big discounts or a pair for free. Start scrolling!

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Etnies Men’s Rockstar Rockfield Skateboarding Shoes

Upgrade your account to PRO for $99 (one time) to access amazing features and expand your own shoe line.

We will turn your drawing or image into a unique template for white shoes, which you can then customize using our tools. They are light as a feather and give your fingers plenty of room. Our sneakers are made of premium leather and anatomically designed for the foot. The 4 mm abrasion-resistant sole ensures perfect foot contact with the surface and complete freedom of movement. You will feel like you are barefoot. These stylish sneakers are a must-have for every little shoe lover’s collection. For instructions on choosing the right size, click HERE.

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If you don’t like the colors that we usually offer in our online store, or if they don’t match your favorite clothes, don’t worry! You can choose a different color or a combination of colors that you like better. Choose the colors here AIR shoes / Custom made

We want perfection. In the production of leather goods, we work according to the strictest quality standards, and we apply the same high quality standards when creating our range of leisure footwear.

Killa Rockstar Sneaker — Stilts Shoes

All of our shoes are made entirely by hand, which means that each pair literally passes through our hands countless times. The individual care and consideration of the footwear that receives this technical process allows us to ensure quality in all ways.

We decided to use only the best materials for the production of shoes. Our shoes are made entirely of leather, except for the sole and insulation of the insole. You will definitely notice the difference.

Our shoes are made with a double insole. In the AIR model, the inner layer (the one near the foot) is made of genuine leather and adapts comfortably to the foot. The leather also naturally absorbs sweat and softens your step. It is backed with a rubber layer for added comfort. The template has a total thickness of 3.5 mm.

Light and flat 4 mm rubber sole from a well-known manufacturer whose quality is internationally recognized. The AIR model has an integrated rubber edge that helps prevent damage to the edge of the shoe.

Gypsy Jazz Rockstar Shoe

We have great respect for Czech craftsmanship, which is why we purchase our lace from the Czech manufacturer ODETKA. What is special about them? The company has been making lace for over 200 years. And they have very nice strings.

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Some say empty shoes. We call them comfortable shoes because they are really about comfort. Our shoes fit your feet. They are protected and at the same time provide enough space for natural movement.

Your feet will feel like there is nothing in them. The Jenon Leather AIR weighs 190g (size 41), making it one of the lightest on the market. Studies have shown that for every extra 100g of shoes, your feet will lift a ton more per day.

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Rockstar Slip On Shoes

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Rockstar Original also includes a selection of men’s high and low shoes. All shoes in the collection are in the colors hell red, pure white, after dark (black) and volt blue. Plus, shoe sizes range from 6 to 13. These shoes will give you the satisfaction of having a splash of color in your everyday wardrobe.

Rockstar Black/ivory/silver Cow/star Printed Shoe

Rockstar Original Men’s Hi-Low Sneakers in Pure White are made of genuine leather and rubberized. You can find the Rockstar Original logo all over the shoe on the side, front and back. When ordering these shoes, it is possible to get additional laces to the ones already on the shoes.

Every sneaker in this collection is made from the same materials (as described above). The only difference is in the range of colors you can choose from. They also feature a high-quality retro gaming design. Here, a play of colors hides behind the black design in both high and low sneakers. The shoe features black stripes on a white shoe with bright red laces.

Each of these shoes retails for $109.00 and can be purchased through the official Rockstar Original website. This new sneaker collection contributes to Rockstar’s contemporary streetwear aesthetic. With a choice of four different colors, it allows men to show their true style. Through the constant efforts of the brand, they have always been committed to the authenticity, sustainability and quality of all their pieces. The founders of Rockstar Original value their belief in “staying true and remembering your roots”.

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