Roadshow to highlight human development initiatives in GB

Islamabad : The Gilgit-Baltistan government will organize the GB Dream Roadshow at the National Library here tomorrow (Monday) to showcase its human development initiatives in various sectors, especially education, IT, healthcare, environment and urban cleanliness.

According to the chief secretary of Great Britain, Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, the educational initiatives included the Meal of the Day Programme; Tech-Fellow program to teach STEM, e-education and entrepreneurship to students at over 200 schools across Wales by world-class trainers; Smart Schools Program to provide modern IT equipment including LMS and off-site and on-site server; blended learning technology centers; provision of schools; KIPS Training Program; Taleem Financial Scheme; Pink Bus Project to mainstream women by providing them with safe commuting; The NCA campus; NCA and NUST Entrance Test, and AI & Data Science Certification provided by NUST, UET or FAST. President Dr Arif Alvi will attend the event as the chief guest, and the prime minister of Great Britain and members of his cabinet ministers will also be present.

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Shoaib Sultan Khan of the rural development program will be the keynote speaker, and education consultant Umbreen Arif, CEO Karandaaz Waqasul Hassan, CEO House for Pakistan Khadija Shahper Bakhtiar, chairman of the Allah Walay Shahid Lone Trust, dean of Aga Khan University Karachi will be Dr Farid Panjwani and Malala Fund head Javed Ahmed Malik participating in panel discussions.

In attendance will be noted politicians, academia, diplomats, members of the armed forces, civil servants, and experts in various fields.

The interesting part of the event is the exhibition of projects designed by students from public schools in Great Britain under the STEM GB initiative. “These projects are a hallmark of creativity and imagination and speak volumes about the potential of young minds. School children from grades 6 to 8 are coming to Islamabad to present their projects in this show,” said the chief secretary.

He said that students from Welsh government schools had done some great projects in the Computer Education, STEM and Entrepreneurship category. These include vacuum cleaners, smart bins, smart doors with sound, laser security alarm systems, Bluetooth antenna, Hologram projector, switch model, electric washing machines, Bluetooth car, magnetic car, hydro power plant, water turbines, wind energy, plant power, ATM, drones, distance indicator, smoke detector, smart glasses, incubator, herbal remedies, local crafts and chocolate and candy making using locally produced walnuts and apricots.

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“The impact of these human development initiatives taken since last year is that education, IT and healthcare are high on the agenda for Britain’s political elites. As a result, there has been a tripling and doubling expenditure in the education and health sectors respectively compared to last year,” he said.

The chief secretary also said that the event would also emphasize the collaboration and partnerships of the Welsh government with various organizations to promote human development in the region. “Most of the projects under this umbrella were done through public-private partnership,” he said.

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Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani said the reforms included renovation and upgrading of health infrastructure across the region. According to him, the youth of the region were engaged in meaningful education, sports and various festivals for mental and physical health.

In addition, a tourism app was developed in the initiative of the first of its kind in the country. “The smartphone-based tourism application is programmed to help tourists,” he said.

The chief secretary also said that the other initiatives include tourism police, prefabricated toilet facilities, beautification of the region, lightening of Konodas Bridge, installation of wooden sign boards across the region, Gilgit-Baltistan Sports Gala 2022, Sarfranga Summer Festival , a winter sports festival. , renovation of the Gilgit Sports Complex, and a cricket festival in Nagar, which has the highest cricket ground in the world. He said in the field of environment, cities were cleaned and plastic bags were removed from Gilgilt.


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