Player Ratings: Torino 2-1 AC Milan

It was a thriller for AC Milan this evening as they lost 2-1 to Torino at the Stadio Olimpico. There were some shocking individual performances and below are the rankings for the Rossoneri.

Starting XI

Tataruzanu (5): Questions can be asked about the second goal, but the reality is that Miranchuk should not have been that far to begin with. After a few poor performances and spreading insecurities, he failed to convince.

Kalulu (5): Certainly not his best game in a Milan shirt, he struggled big time with Vlasic and was also booked in the first half. Pioli took him off at the interval.

Gabbia (5.5): He seemed to be at fault for the first goal, but he was only trying to correct the mistakes of his teammates (who were close to Gidji). He should have done better for the second goal, but improved as the match progressed as it was a tight tussle.

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Tomori (5): Not only does he struggle in most defensive actions, but so does his skill with the ball. He was always very comfortable with it, but now there is none of it.

Hernandez (4.5): Barely involved in the game for most of the game and when he was, it ended in disaster. Too many careless mistakes and lack of awareness in the game.

Tonally (5.5): The long ball for Messias worked hard when he was on the field, but he can certainly do better.

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Pobega (4.5): The whole game was very fast paced and honestly two yellow cards were easily earned. A few poor decisions and added nothing when he was in possession.

Messiah (6): Milan was given a chance in this game with a beautiful finish, and despite making mistakes like his teammates, he passes.

Diaz (5): It wasn’t his night with no impact in the 45 minutes he was on the field.

Leo (4): Two absolutely shocking misses from him this evening, one of which was an absolute sit-down. Besides that was barely involved and the decision making was not there when he was.

Origi (5): The game started well but then faded away and didn’t give Milan many solutions. Having said that, it’s not like he had a lot of work to do.

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Dest (5.5): Not an easy position to make an impact but had a good game off the bench.

The Ketelere (5): A few good dribbles here and there but nothing happened.

Rebick (4.5): A player who can certainly do better. The touch just wasn’t there and he squandered every glaring opportunity.

Benasar (5.5): Come and try to control what is essentially carnage with some success.

Giroud (N/A): He didn’t play enough to earn a rating.


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