Perfect Corp. and REZA Launch an Interactive, AI-Powered Jewelry Virtual Try-On Shopping Experience

French designer jewelry brand, REZA, launches to test the power of Perfection Corp.’s AI and AR virtual technologies.

Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF), a leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and makeup technology solutions provider, partners with REZA, a Parisian high-end jewelry brand, to launch the WORLDOFREZA.COM website powered by Perfect AgileHand’s Corp® is amplified. The new e-commerce website offers a unique AI and AR immersive shopping experience, allowing consumers to digitally experience REZA rings, earrings and bracelets through an interactive virtual experience of the technology. The launch of the WORLDOFREZA.COM website also mentions the brand’s relocation to New York under the leadership of Olivier Reza, whose high jewelry house Alexandre Reza boasts more than 90 years of history in Paris’ Place Vendome.

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A Web Shopping Experience Powered by Perfect Corp.’s AgileHand® Technology

REZA’s website virtual try-on experience is powered by Perfect Corp. patent-pending AgileHand® technology that precisely describes the individual’s hand and wrist to accurately track real-time movements and deliver a hyper-realistic virtual experience. Specialized 3D hand-crafting technology using Physically Based Rendering (PBR) will help in the precision of 3D objects with perfect true to life, imitating the light scattering effect of different materials to ensure that REZA pieces are accurately recreated as digital renderings. This groundbreaking technology meets the growing demand for virtual try-on solutions for hand and wrist accessories, and enables REZA online shoppers to experience a selection of products virtually.

Enter the new WORLDOFREZA.COM Powered by Latest AI and AR Technology

Organizations of creative works, Hugh and Mary, together with Corp. Completed, the WORLDOFREZA.COM website invites customers to virtually “experience” statement pieces from the designer’s collection. The application of the latest AI and AR technology REZA allows to appreciate the jewelry more intimately – a pair of small and private displays, through visions in store. It’s also the place to drink in the backyard as always before, the advantage of buying REZA pieces online.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Reza Jewelry to bring their luxury designs to life through Perfect Corp.’s hyper-realistic AI and AR powered virtual solution,” said Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. excited to see our services impact omnichannel enhancement of luxury accessories shopping. tours, delivering an immersive and impactful virtual driving experience for Reza’s customers.

This unique online jewelry shopping experience through WORLDOFREZA.COM creates a seamless continuity between the retail and digital experience, and falls perfectly in step with the beauty, classicism and artisanal design that REZA is known for. Experience the online shopping journey for yourself at WORLDOFREZA.COM.

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