Overwatch 2’s new tank hero Ramattra revealed at OWL Grand Finals

Next hero coming to Overwatch 2 it is not entirely new. His perception of the players, all activist Ramattra, more than three years, in conclusion Overwatch Archives of the event called Storm Rising. The outcome of that cliffhanger indicates that the threat of Omnic teaming villain Doomfist finally paid off on Friday in the Overwatch Grand Finals, when Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new tank character coming to Overwatch 2 then a month

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Ramattra and join Overwatch 2 on the roster on December 6th, discussing the game for the second time. That character will be an 11th tank and will bring a unique mechanic to the team tank: Ramattra has two forms, the standard Omnic form and a second board form called Nemesis.

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In his standard Omnic form, Ramattra fights using a staff that fires projectiles and can create a barrier to protect his team. But when Ramattra breaks out of the ruts, using his cooling ability, he becomes a huge brawler with powerful melee attacks that strike fear into the “squishies” on the opposing team. Take a look at developer Ramattra’s transformation, which he describes as “scary” and “threatening,” turning him from a fairly measured hero into one of the game’s greatest. That change into her form makes her a more deadly Nemesis, but also makes her a much bigger target as Ana’s sleep dart attacks or zenyatta orb of discord.

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Ramattra meditates in the Omnic temple surrounded by other Omnic monks in a story still from its origin

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

But Ramattra Tank will offer players new gameplay opportunities, letting them decide between defending their team from further attacks and barriers, or leading an aggressive charge into battle. His fists, while in Nemesis form, can penetrate barriers, lead hero designer Alec Dawson said, comparing the calculations to “bubbles” from heroes like Winston and Zarya.

Blizzard didn’t reveal too much about Ramattra’s ability kit or its status in Thursday’s briefing, and instead focused on the Overwatch world’s story.

According to Blizzard’s official history, Ramattra built a war machine for the Omnic Crisis, but laid down his weapons, seeking peace on the side of Zenyatta. At some point, Ramattra followed that peaceful path leading to the final Zero Sector, and fighting for her people by any means necessary.

“Everyone and people tried to coexist, but as you saw in the training, that didn’t work out for them,” said author Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie. “Ramattra is tired of waiting and is impatient. He formed this organization with some allies to fight for the freedom of the Omnic people and to secure their safety at any cost.”

Ramattra holds Omnic's broken body while an angry mob of men throwing weapons around him

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Like Kiriko, it sounds like Ramattra will be developed by the players Overwatch 2s battle pass Players who pay for the premium version of this pass will have it immediately, while other players will have to upgrade to the free version of the pass to unlock it. When asked whether Blizzard plans to change the fair match requirement — which was 55 for Kiriko — for Ramattra’s release, art director Dion Rogers deferred, saying the Overwatch team regularly evaluates its plans. “It’s a constant conversation for our team,” Rogers said.

Ramattra 2 will arrive in time next to the new map, which the developer said has no specific ties with the new hero. More heroes, including a new type of support character, are planned Overwatch 2 in 2013


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