Lauren Boebert results live: Republican calls for delay to leadership votes as Colorado election too close to call

Frisch challenges Bobert in a tough Colorado race

Lauren Boebert has joined calls to delay Senate and House leadership votes — a number of races, including hers — that remain too close to call.

On Sunday, MAGA retweeted the post saying leadership elections should be postponed until all elections are called by MAGA Republicans. Democrats hold control of the Senate and the House is up for grabs, with 11 races yet to be called.

One of those races is Ms. Bobert’s battle against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch to hold her seat in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

As of Monday morning, Ms. Boebert led by 1,122 votes, with 99 percent of the votes cast.

The tight race has caused some consternation for the Republican Party and Donald Trump ally, who had been expected to win a comfortable re-election to the seat she won again in 2020.

If the winning party fails to win by a margin of more than 0.5 percent, the contest may automatically go to a recount.


Boebert – who voted against bills supporting veterans – posts Veterans Day message

Lauren Bobert – who voted against several bills that could have supported US veterans – has posted a Veterans Day message telling US service members they are “loved”, as she is locked in a race to hold onto her Senate seat.

The MAGA Republican shared a video on Twitter Friday morning in which she told veterans she was “proud to be an American and grateful for the freedoms we all enjoy because of you.”

Speaking in front of an American flag, she added: “You are loved more than you will ever know.

an independentRachel Sharp has the full story:

Rachel Sharp14 November 2022 12:40


Meet the husband and wife duo who accidentally caused the biggest upset of the midseason

It’s one of the biggest shocks of the 2022 midterms. As the so-called “red tide” receded and it became clear that Republicans would not sweep statehouses and seats in Congress, western Colorado was in political turmoil.

As election night unfolded, Maga flame Rep. Lauren Boebert, who represents Colorado’s 3rd District, suddenly found herself in the fray of her political career.

If Boebert ends up dead, Democrats could have a husband-and-wife political duo in Colorado, thanks to the seat flipping blue.

Bri Buentello’s excitement was palpable when talking with her an independent About a razor-thin margin between Ms. Boebert and her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, on Thursday.

The former state legislator from Pueblo County, Colorado, described how the work of labor unions and local elected officials, including her husband, state Sen. Nick Hinrichsen, contributed to the close race.

“That’s why Pueblo County stayed blue during what was expected to be a Republican year, with big Republican money pouring into the district to seemingly try to buy our votes,” she said. an independent.

an independentEric Garcia has his full story:

Rachel Sharp14 November 2022 12:17


Who is Adam Frisch?

Democrat Adam Frisch and Republican Lauren Bobert are currently in a tight race for a Senate seat.

Mr. Frisch, 55, is a former cashier who served eight years on the Aspen City Council and is a married father of two.

He was out of the Democratic Party for decades before joining the Democratic Party in 1992, and has described himself as an unconventional Democrat who, if elected, would seek to join the bipartisan Problem Solving Council.

He said before an independent That he decided to run against Ms. Boebert for several reasons. He found some of her comments “disgusting and unethical to America” and objected to her brand of “outrage,” a phrase he often uses, which Mr. Frisch says he borrowed from a friend.

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It says “Representatives Bobert and Marjorie Taylor Greene and many other people — and there are some on the left — use this kind of just … yelling and screaming. I mean too much time on Twitter, too much time on cable news networks and not really focusing on the job at hand.

Rachel Sharp14 November 2022 11:50


Who is Lauren Bobert?

Lauren Bobert, 35, is the Republican candidate for the US House seat in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

The Congresswoman first made headlines not as a politician but as a restaurant owner. Her agency, known as the Shooters, gained public attention because its staff openly carried firearms during their shifts. She also refused to stop indoor dining during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms. Bobert again made national headlines after she interrupted a campaign event hosted by then-presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who had adopted stricter gun control measures to curb gun violence in the country. She was armed when she crashed the event and denied Mr O’Rourke’s claim that he wanted to confiscate assault weapons.

Later that year, she announced her candidacy, challenging then-incumbent Scott Tipton. Ms. Bobert ran a campaign largely rooted in MAGA ideology and loyalty to former President Donald Trump, and has continued to promote nationalist ideals during her time in Congress.

During her campaign and tenure in Congress, Ms. Bobbert has been criticized for saying “hope. [QAnon] It is true that the Proud Boys are close to the right-wing gang and that she is “with the militias.” She faced further scrutiny on Jan. 6 after Trump supporters attacked the building and Capitol Police after aligning with the Capitol rioters and tweeting “Today is 1776.”

Ms. Boebert is married to her husband, Jayson, and they have four sons.

Rachel Sharp14 November 2022 11:30


Is Colorado headed for a recount?

This means that, to avoid a recount, either Lauren Bobert or Adam Frisch would have to lead by about 788 votes.

If a recount is initiated, it must be completed within 35 days of the election date.

Rachel Sharp14 November 2022 11:10


Where the competition is now:

As of Monday morning, Lauren Bobert currently leads the race for the US House seat in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District by 1,122 votes.

Ms. Bobert currently has 50.2 percent of the vote, with 99 percent reported, compared to Democrat Adam Frisch’s 49.8 percent.

The race is too close to call and could lead to an automatic recount — unless one candidate wins by 0.5 percent.

Rachel Sharp14 November 2022 10:50


Boebert calls for delay in leadership races

Lauren Boebert is calling for Senate and House leadership votes to be delayed because a number of races — including her own — are too close to call.

A number of Republicans have called for the leadership election to be postponed until all races are called.

After wins in Nevada and Arizona over the weekend, Democrats hold control of the Senate and the House is still up for grabs, with 11 races yet to be called.

On Sunday, MAGA retweeted the post urging Republicans to delay the vote.

“They’re trying to move fast with Omnibus appropriations just like people in Washington are trying to move fast with leadership elections. Many matches are not called; The majority did not even win. The American people deserve a delay in the leadership election,” conservative figure Scott Parkinson wrote, in a post retweeted by Ms Bobert.

Rachel Sharp14 November 2022 10:27


The Voice: Why the Midterm Polls Got It Wrong

Democrats had some unexpected gains, turning out in better-than-expected numbers, from large numbers of independent voters to suburban women to young voters. Even where Republicans win, it’s more likely due to redistricting than the popularity of their own candidates.

Polls are wrong about midterm election results. Here is the reason

Democrats had some unexpected gains, turning out in better-than-expected numbers, from large numbers of independent voters to suburban women to young voters. Even where Republicans win, it’s more likely due to redistricting than the popularity of their own candidates.

Bevan Hurley14 November 2022 10:00


The Voice: Abortion Shouldn’t Matter in Midterms, But It Gave Republicans a Rude Awakening

Clemens Michalon Writes:

Exit polls show voters care more about abortion than expected: It’s the second most important issue, behind inflation and far ahead of crime, gun policy and immigration, according to NBC News polling.

In states where abortion was clearly on the ballot, people voted to support access to the procedure.

Bevan Hurley14 November 2022 09:00


Murdoch turns to Trump on New York Post cover

New York PostA newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, shared scathing coverage of the former president that suggests that loyalty may be eroding.

Johanna Chisholm Reports of shifting loyalties in right-wing media.

Bevan Hurley14 November 2022 07:00


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