Just do it! An interview with Salesforce’s Lyndsey McGonnell

Digital transformation will continue to change the nature of how an enterprise interacts with customers. The impact of organizational change is immense, and it is especially important that women’s voices are heard within the process at a senior level. The Digital Leader of the Year category of Women in Tech Excellence Awards is full of women who led digital teams, projects or departments, and all of them made a real impact in their careers and perhaps beyond them.

Why do you support the Women in Tech Excellence campaign?

Firstly, my personal experience shows how a career in this industry can be – I don’t want other women to miss out because of their gender or other perceptions.

Second, technology needs women to reach out to women, helping to create a critical mass that dispels the myth that technology is a male property.

Finally, I want to expose and celebrate successful women in Tech so that you can inspire others to join the industry. The technology growth industry is always looking for new people. Our recruiting pool shrinks by 50% if women opt out (or are excluded.)

How did you get into the IT industry?

I graduated from the University of Durham with an MSc degree in Chemistry, and joined the AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals graduate project, where I was lucky enough to gain experience across several domains (auditing, quality assurance, manufacturing). However, a passion for technology is using the course from a career in pharmaceuticals to one in consulting programs. I joined Accenture Consulting in 2005 and have enjoyed a fruitful career across multiple industries and technologies, culminating in our role as Practice Lead Architect for Communications and Media at Memasos.

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What do you think is the main reason why the IT industry is male dominated, especially in technical roles and in senior positions?

Modern technology has evolved from the world of engineering and science, both of which have been able to attract more men than women. The question therefore has its roots in history. We are trying to eradicate not only current phenomena, but those that have been enjoyed for centuries. Undoubtedly, there are those who try to correct this inequity, while there are others who want to maintain the status quo. This is a war of attrition – we don’t have to wait for laws or a slight moment to suddenly make everything beautiful.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your life?

Women tend to be more critical of themselves, so I learned to recognize my worth and potential.

If a job specifies 10 “must have” skills and the applicant only has experience with half of them, a man is far more likely than a woman to apply. Believe in your potential. Expose yourself to situations you don’t feel comfortable with because that’s how you learn and grow.

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I was much less confident in my early career. If you’re an introvert or a people pleaser, it can be difficult to get the word out in a heated discussion or risk conflict. But remember: I sit at the given table for a reason. Acknowledge the value you bring so that your opinions are heard and your deeds are recognized.

Although it is rarer, it remains a sad fact that men attack women. I used to focus on winning those people, but you will spend more of your time on those who really value your work. Work your way around your company, so these people become your leaders, leaders, and champions.

Surround yourself with people you can learn from and who complement your skills. You’d feel exposed if you weren’t the best coder on the team (I never was). Observe the speaker with codes to understand their areas needing development. Your strengths could fill the gap. As you become a leader, understanding how to build a team around you to complement your best skills is crucial.

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What are the three top tips for women looking to start a career in IT?

First, challenge your beliefs that technology is not the right industry for you.

Second, talk to other women who have made technology a career; Learn about the challenges as well as the benefits of going into it with your eyes open.

Do it the third way! The industry is actively breaking down gender barriers, recognizing the immense value and power that women bring, and giving women the opportunities they deserve. be in the first train.

What advice would you give to young people taking on leadership roles?

Don’t try to mold your character and style around some pre-conceived notion of how a woman in a leadership position should behave. The happiest women are those who are true to themselves and don’t try to act out of character. Authenticity, honesty, and trust are characteristics of any great leader. It’s not to say “never change” – start by being who you are, then evaluate the impact and value yourself rather than adjusting against someone else’s rule.

Build a strong team around you. Know your strengths and realize when you need to bring in the expertise of others to complement your skills in order to achieve great results.


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