Illusion Blue Powder Coat

Illusion Blue Powder Coat – Illusion Blue-Berg is a rich, deep blue. This color is a polyester metallic powder coating and has a nice finish.

The Prismatic Illusion Series is the most versatile range of specialty powder units on the market. An inert powder coating, the Illusion Series creates the appearance of a high-quality two-coat coating system with the ease of use of a simple coating. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Simply choose your faux base coat and apply some Prismatic top coat to create a beautiful range of exciting colors. Great for beginners and seasoned pros who want to push the limits of what’s possible. After adding the illusion file, don’t worry if the color is not what you expected. Since this is a sleeping powder coat, the only noticeable change is the application of the top coat. Just follow the detailed instructions of the application.

Illusion Blue Powder Coat

Illusion Information: To get this color as shown, the last coat listed Clear Vision PPS-2974 must be purchased. False colors are only activated when the specified top coat is used.

Powder Coat Options

* Actual colors may vary. We have done our best to show the overlay accurately, but changes in lighting, viewing angles, substrate and topcoat will affect the final appearance. For the most accurate representation, order a color sample of the actual coating.*

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Polaris Blue Powder Coat Code

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Powder Coated Calipers Prismatic Illusion Blueberry

Anyway, this month’s focus is on Johnson’s Powder Coating of West Berlin, New Jersey!! Chris Johnson is the owner and has been in the powder coating business since he was 17, so he has 28 years of experience (I’ll let you do the math 😉 garage, it was time for everyone to get out of there. ! He ended his career in a small camp at the South Jersey airport. Every year, before spreading the word of mouth, the business grew and they had to move, but this time in a bigger building.

Over the years he developed a good business and quality that won him new clients and some big contracts. Another company you may have heard of Chris working for is Orange County Choppers. Chris has been featured on the Discovery Channel and in many magazines as the official powder distributor. Some other companies that Chris is happy to work with are Sony, Walmart and NFL Films. Johnson’s Powder Coating also does work for the State Navy and Coast Guard.

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Chris may have some big contracts, but he is dedicated to the teams and people who helped him get to this point! He prides himself (as we all should) on providing the best service and showing the best results at the right price. This is what guarantees your job. Chris enjoys life and loves helping people!

In his spare time, Chris enjoys building race cars, dirt bikes, drag racing and riding his Harley! Despite having all this fun, it’s nothing but powder coating! Chris Johnson is a family man who loves his job and wants others to love their job as much as he does!

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