Honda Cb 919 2006

Honda Cb 919 2006 – I am sorry to part with the Honda 919, also known in different markets as the Honda Hornet 900 or simply CB900F. Honda produced the 919 from 2001 to 2007.

I’m still looking for a replacement for my Honda 919 or alternatives, so I’m sharing my notes here as a buyer’s guide.

Honda Cb 919 2006

The Honda 919 / Hornet 900 is a standard sports bike based on the Honda FireBlade four-cylinder 919 cc liquid-cooled engine (from the last generation CBR900RR produced between 1998-99, before the CBR929RR). It is the ancestor of today’s Honda CB1000R, a fantastic bike.

Honda Cb 900f Hornet (hornet Cb900f) (2005) Technical Specifications

I have had my Honda 919 for a few months. In fact, I had to sell – I left the country. And I had a lot of fun while I had it, racking up a few thousand miles in a few months driving around California (which was in the US).

But even though I only had this bike because it was practical, it got under my skin very quickly.

Here’s why I regret selling my Honda 919, and why you’ll probably get it again (maybe as a track bike!) or its modern version if the CB1000R lives up to expectations.

Well, I am. That’s why I created this page – as a way to get out. I love to learn and share what others find useful. If you like what you read here and are even a fraction as obsessed as I am, you might want to know when I’ll be posting more. (Check the latter to get an idea of ​​what you’ll see.)

Honda Cb919f Fender Eliminator

Honda has a long history of making inline four-cylinder engines, dating back to the days before the internet, before cell phones, and even before portable music devices (I mean “Sony Walkman,” but someone remember what that means?)

The first CB900 that bore a passing resemblance to the Honda 919 / CB900F Hornet was the 1981 Honda CB900F. It was really my first big bike.

Like the 919, the original Honda CB900F was a standard four-cylinder. The engine had a cylinder capacity of 902 cc, had double camshafts in the head and 16 valves. It was a fast bike for the time – in fact, Honda called it a “Superbike” – and was even used by police forces in many jurisdictions.

It was a cool bike, but now it’s a classic hipster favorite. This is (still) a bike I wish I hadn’t sold, but life circumstances prevailed.

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Recraft Honda Cb900f Cb919 Hornet 2001 2007 Crash Bars Engine Guard With Sliders

The next major development before the Honda 919 was the arrival of the FireBlade series under Tadao Baba (see here for the history of FireBlade) in 1993.

FireBlade’s project manager, affectionately known as Baba-san, focused on lightness and ease of use, packing the CBR900RR’s big engines into nimble and compact frames. These bikes have continued to improve over time and are still one of the most popular (even more exclusive) superbikes on the market.

The version of the Honda FireBlade most associated with the Honda 919 is the 1998-1999 model, which had a 919cc engine – the first time the engine had grown from 893cc since 1993.

Finally, just before the Honda 919, Honda released the Hornet – the baby. It was also called the Honda 599, but today we know it as the Hornet 600 to distinguish it from the bigger bike.

Gebrauchte Und Neue Honda Cb 900 F Hornet Motorräder Kaufen

Like the Honda 919, the Hornet 600 (or Honda 599) was a standard four-cylinder bike based on a sports bike – the CBR600F.

Aesthetically, the Hornet 600 looks very similar. It has a straight position, but the bars are narrow, which makes it flexible. The Hornet has undermount exhausts, which were popular at the time (but now out of favor for a number of reasons). And in terms of character, both bikes have a lot in common – revving and sporting.

So from 2001, Honda made the 919 available and released a motorcycle that punched above its weight.

The specs are boring, but they give you an insight into how the bike works. Here are the basic specs of the Honda 919 and some insight into what it means. Motorcycle Accessories For Honda Cb919 Hornet Cb Cb919 2001 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 Motorcycle Adjustable Brake Clutch Levers (color

It is difficult to fully understand what the power transmission will be like in a motorcycle. But basically it’s a combination of a) the torque curve and b) the way the wheel is changed.

First, you may be wondering what the announcement of the FireBlade engine means. Honda has correctly provided the torque curve below, comparing the horsepower of the 1998-1999 FireBlade engine to the Honda 919 engine.

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The power and torque curves above show that Honda achieved exactly what it wanted: more midrange torque and smoother power delivery at the expense of lost top-end acceleration in a less aerodynamic chassis.

Note that in addition to the different cams and breather, the CB900F has fuel injection through four 36mm throttle bodies, different from the four Keihin 38mm carburetors on the FireBlade.

Honda Hornet 900

I really like the 100-120 horsepower range on many motorcycles, especially four cylinder engines. When everything else (gearing, suspension, weight, etc.) is done right, it often results in bikes that are happy at whatever speed I want to ride, and I can even see the red line in a few gears. The Honda 919 is right in the middle of this range.

The CBR900RR and CB900F share many internal engine parts. So the prime mover and gear ratios are the same for both bikes. But the final gear ratio is different. The ‘Blade has a front ratio: 16:42, giving a drive ratio of 2.625, and the CB900F has one more tooth in the rear, for a ratio of 2.688. It’s a minor difference, but one that contributes to the CB900F being less tuned at top speed.

Finally, the fact that the red line CB900F a little earlier also limits the speed that can (theoretically) go in top gear.

So what does that mean? Well, the mid-range torque curve and slightly lower gearing means that the Honda 919 is just super easy to drive – as I mentioned below, it can’t be over-geared. It does not snarl low and still has enough top for the most reasonable daily driving. It never felt slow to me and I’m sure even if I rode it today (when I’ve ridden a lot of faster bikes) it still wouldn’t feel slow.

Honda Cb 900 F Wallpaper

The guy who sold me my Honda 919, “Moto Mike”, was so sure I wanted it that he told me I could drive it for a day before paying. He gave it to me for a song (it was a correct spelling) and before he sold it to me, he made me promise to sell it back to him when I left the country!

As I was paying for it, another guy in the shop told me he thought it was “the best bike ever”. Now a lot of people give such random opinions about almost every bike (seriously). But it was nice to hear at the time!

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My first feeling driving the 919 home was, “This bike rides better than I can ride… so I need to become a better rider.”

Until then, I mostly owned bikes that were more utilitarian. Not bad smooth and fast. So I was a little surprised by the Honda Hornet 900. Mine had a windshield and a top box that made it look like a daily ride…but this thing was ripped off!

Honda Cb 1300, 2006 Motorcycles

You see, even without the top case, the Honda 919 looks like a stock bike. I mean, your knees are a little bent and you’re leaning forward a little, but the aesthetic still tells you that it’s UJM and therefore you’ll obey.

But the moment I rode it, I knew the 919 was not an obedient bike. The three things I noticed almost immediately were these

I’ve done a lot to the 919 in the months I’ve had it. I drove through a few cities, I drove dirt roads until I stopped in the sand, and I spent a lot of time on California’s hilly roads and very boring flats. I had fun.

I also did a bit of twinning, which I don’t usually do – mostly because of the responsibility. But my partner was happy and even enjoyed the trip!

National Powersports Distributors

After a long journey, I noticed another insidious thing about the Honda 919 – this is

After doing a few stupid things like accidentally being in fourth gear while going 20 mph (30 km/h) uphill, shifting into second, or just lazily letting go of the clutch too soon, I started thinking about Honda 919 as “irreplaceable”.

I’ve driven (and have since) a bunch of twins that not only settle into gear easily, but sometimes stall if the revs drop too low and they’re cold. It’s not the 919. Yes, it’s a bit much because it has a four-cylinder engine, but that’s what I like anyway.

Handling was one thing. Naysayers might say “Bah! Regular forks. Bah, not adjustable. Bah, bogus,” but they would be wrong.

Honda Cb900f Hornet Service Manual Pdf Download

Maybe you are in the field and

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