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Mr. Justin Denton’s extensive education and professional experience in the field of technology has led him to his current role as IVCC’s Director of Information Technology Services.

Denton earned his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Management from Devry University and a Masters in Network and Communication Management from the Keller Graduate School of Management. He attended Walden University for his PHD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences, but never fully completed it due to 2 residencies and a dissertation to complete.

Denton emphasizes the importance of continuing education and knowledge by saying, “It is argued that college needs to stay current on technology trends and certifications are a great and necessary addition to college.” He has been mentioned in several places including ITIL Foundations Certification, Microsoft Certified Professional and Crystal Reports Certification to name just a few.

Denton spent 27 years in the IT field, when he first started his career, and first graduated from high school. When asked who inspired him to do this work, he replied, “I think what” inspired me. His elementary school had computers available to introduce him to this world of technology. Denton commented, “I would do anything to have time to work on those computers that sparked my love for computers.”

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His various positions prior to coming to IVCC included computer technician at IBM and later office manager at IBM. This led to the position of technical training lead at Lucent Technologies, with responsibility for 100 technicians and 125,000 users. While at IBM Denton helped to develop and implement the Thinkvantage tool set that is in use today. After IBM he moved to the Denton Valley area of ​​Illinois to become a Department Manager at UnionBank. Technical support for UnionBAnk and CentrueBank company merger.

During his time at the bank, Denton became more involved with higher education by continuing his education and taking a new job at Rasmussen College as the IT Curriculum Program Coordinator. After just six months, he was promoted to Interim Dean of the School of Technology, overseeing technology programs that encompass more than twenty campuses. From there, Denton went to work for the College of Education (the parent company of Rasmussen College) and now IVCC.

Jennifer Scheri said, “In the short time that Justin has been with IVCC, he has responded to the needs of the Continuing Education and Business Division. It is easy to see that Justin’s wealth of experience and expertise will advance technology at IVCC, which in turn will provide a cutting edge education for students. Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences, Lirim Neziroski shares his experience working with Justin. He says, “I believe he has a strong understanding of how to make the IT team more efficient and more service-oriented as a partner and consultant in the field.”

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Denton explained, “The ability to build a technology environment in Higher Education that fosters and supports the highest quality of knowledge possible” is one of his favorite parts.

office Denton’s advice is to prepare anyone going into the IT field. He emphasizes: “It continues to change almost every day, loving learning will help you succeed.” This is also one of the things that motivates Denton to continue his career in IT.

In addition, Denton feels that “it’s important that we all focus on technology because it goes into everything we do and almost everything we have.” Examples of this include the fact that most people carry a small computer with them every day, our cell phone, just like most cars have a computer system. This is especially true when Denton thinks about how technology has changed over the course of his career. He affirms, “the main difference is that everything has become smaller, faster and more advanced in my career.”

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In addition, Denton feels that certain qualities are necessary in this field. Qualities that are thought to be necessary are always ready to learn and have a desire for technology. Neziroski, who served on Justin’s hiring committee for IVCC. Neziroski states, “I was very impressed with Justin’s technical expertise, leadership experience, and his strong understanding of the technologies needed in higher education.”

Additionally, Denton balances his work-life, keeping a strict calendar using the Outlook tool, but also enjoys spontaneity. He elaborated, “It’s not uncommon for me to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to look at my wife and say we’re going to Michigan today. It might just be a reason to eat at BigBoy’s restaurant.” Denton has several hobbies outside of his directorial duties. He is big on 3D printing and enjoys tinkering with cars, as he has owned over 200 cars in his life.


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