CARMINE APPICE Says Copyright Case Over LED ZEPPELIN’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Was ‘All Baloney’

In a new interview with Jeff Gaudiosi from, a legendary drummer Appice Carmine comments on the copyright dispute regarding s LED ZEPPELIN‘ a classic song “Stairway to Heaven” was a rip-off of SPIRIT‘s “Taurus”.

Michael Skidmoretrustee “Taurus” a singer Randy “California” Wolfeestate, having brought the claims more than four decades later “Stairway to Heaven” appear on LED ZEPPELIN‘ untitled album, better known as “Led Zeppelin IV”.

In June 2016, a jury in Los Angeles deliberated for around five hours before deciding unanimously in favor LED ZEPPELIN. The case was revived in 2018 before an appeals court upheld the original ruling in 2020. In October of that year, the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case, bringing it to a final end.

Carminetheir band is VANILLA ROAD he took LED ZEPPELIN out on his first North American tour in 1968, he said of the “Stairway to Heaven” lawsuit: “That’s all baloney … Those chords are a stock set of chords. There’s nothing amazing about the chords. The melody on top of it and the lyrics and the way they did it arrange that made the song actually happen. So just , Apparently, some guys are trying to make some money because they might be hurtin’. Randy California die Who else is in the band? Randyfather died. I guess the surviving members didn’t go on to do anything, so they thought, ‘Well, maybe we could sue. LED ZEPPELIN?’ There were other legal cases that meant more, like when Ozzy [Osbourne] be sued by [his former bandmates] Bob [Daisley] a Lee [Kerslake] for the first [Ozzy solo] an album [‘Blizzard Of Ozz’]. [Editor’s note: Appice is referring to Daisley and Kerslake‘s lawsuit against Ozzy and the singer’s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, over unpaid performance royalties.] That was legal. And they lost, when it shouldn’t lost.”

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LED ZEPPELIN a singer Robert Plant he testified in court that he had no memory of ever hearing “Taurus” before. “I didn’t remember it then, and I don’t remember it now,” he said. LED ZEPPELIN a guitarist Jimmy Page also testifying that he had not copied any part of “Taurus” although he owns five discs by SPIRIT among his collection of 4,000 vinyl records.

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Enrico Bonadiosenior lecturer in law from City University London, ret News week in April 2016: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to consider the act of inventing a tune that has the same ‘feel’ and ‘groove’ as another copyright infringement. This is how creativity in music often works. Musicians often build on earlier arrangements and styles, and so the increasing incidence of such should give us pause.”

After the 2016 trial, plaintiff’s attorney Francis Malofiy claimed that he lost his case on a technicality, insisting that it was unfair that the jury could not listen to the audio recording of “Taurus” and instead was limited to hearing a specialized performance of the registered sheet music.

Malofiy over a hundred persistent objections and “multiple reprimands” were received during the ZEPPELIN trial, with the band’s publishing company Music by Warner/Chappell filed documents asking the judge to order the plaintiffs to pay over $613,000 in costs for defending against the lawsuit.

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In various interviews over the years, Carmine claimed to be one of John Bonham‘s licks, a triplet bass drum motif used most prominently on “Good Times, Bad Times”the opening track on the first LED ZEPPELIN an album, inspired by something Carmine do on one or the other VANILLA ROAD LP or the “Renaissance” a record.

Back in 2014, Carmine he said he would love to play with reunited LED ZEPPELINclaiming he was a better fit to replace him Bonham than Johnson Jason.

VANILLA ROAD release the album “Vanilla Zeppelin” digitally on 30 September via Golden Robot Records. Collection of rework LED ZEPPELIN the classics were described in a press release as “a brilliant ode to one of the most respected and best bands of all time by one of the most respected and best bands of all time.”


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