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Calvin Klein Trench Coat Womens – This year we didn’t leave the holidays until the last minute and did a little planning. It actually means that I am in charge of everything, which suits me, because since childhood I have always had the desire to manage everything and everyone around me. I’ve been a bit absent lately, so I’m trying to play Hunza. Fortunately, he is ruthless in this regard and usually does not put up much of a fight. However, they appreciate good planning, so I would like to share some tips with you 🙂

Why should you spend your holidays in Sardinia? It’s simple: everything you need is there. There are long and stunning white sand beaches all over the island. For active holidays, mountains and hills, trails and hiking trips. For history buffs, there are many sights and mysteries of the island’s history including Noraghee (stone towers) around the area. For food, the amazing kitchen is full of pecorino, local pasta, bottarga, lamb and game. No matter how different your interests are from your fellow travelers, you will all have a good time in Sardinia.

Calvin Klein Trench Coat Womens

Literally all the time! It depends on what your interests are. We chose June, which I think is great: accommodation is not as expensive as high season and the heat is unbearable. However, if you like the warmth of the sun and hope to get a tan from vacation, I probably do not recommend June. The weather is not hot yet, it often rains and in the evening it is better to wear a sweater than a dress. As for the only negative point in Sardinia, I know that carefully selected clothes are left in the suitcase at all times.

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In Sardinia, of course, you will find classic all-inclusive hotels on the beach, where you don’t have to worry about anything. We have been using Airbnb for all our trips for some time now, so we have our own home and peace of mind. Yes, a big kitchen is important 🙂 If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend it. Renting an apartment from a local has a lot for you, you often get tips for sightseeing and restaurants and save a little. When you register through our link, you will receive CZK 460 for your first trip. soup! Agritourism is also a good option: many farms where you can stay or enjoy something (see below).

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Before choosing your destination, you should know that you only need a car in Sardinia. That is, if you want to know the island a little. We spent 9 days in Sardinia, 4 days in the south near the “metropolis” of Cagliari and 5 days in the northwest (Sasari, Alghero). We prefer elsewhere and agree that the northwest is a great place to visit: you can reach many interesting places within an hour (Alghero, Grotta di Netno, Statino, Castellardo, Bossa). You need at least a month to drive around the island: the roads here are good, but you really like the change. In addition, this place is sometimes so interesting that it is very tempting to fall in love, which may not be completely safe after a day in the car.

Every vacation is a compromise. When I want to explore the caves, walk in the city and buy or drink wine, Honza has been 6 weeks without alcohol and wants to relax on vacation (suitable, considering I’m usually at the computer. . He sweats over the stove 14 hours. a day). Therefore, all our journeys must have two parts that satisfy all participants, namely 1) Army 2) Discovery. I will admit right away that we are not fast, but we can do it.

Alghero is a charming old town with sea walls and a historic center. Perfect for walking and shopping, especially if you have a weakness for coral products, ceramics, clothes and of course shoes. Walk around the marina full of boats.

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This colorful city with a castle on top of a hill will delight you. When driving here, stand aside and admire the view: Bosa really resembles a kitschy idyllic image. Take a trip to Bossa Marina, where you can swim in the deep blue water. A 16th-century defensive tower adds drama to the beach.

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The island city of Sardinia combines 3000 years of history and a busy port. Visit the local castle and enjoy the view of the bay. For food, of course, go to the Marina district, where you can find traditional trattorias. We went to Ci Pensa Cannas and we did not regret it.

Cape Capo Caxia offers a real place: it is between Clash of the Titans, Game of Thrones and the Blue Lagoon. Mountains, rocks, gray sea, clear water. Words cannot describe, pictures will do just fine.

Castellardo means Sardinian castle in translation and deserves its name. Drive here in the morning and eat at La Trattoria da Maria Giuseppe. We were so full that we had to go back to the car. I recommend the mixed seafood appetizer, which is served in three courses (9 courses in total), so you don’t have much room for the main course. But, it’s worth it! On the way home, stop at Watu Gajah, which (strangely) looks like an elephant.

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We’re not lying, we’re just going. Fortunately, Hunza even likes to cook on vacation, which he says he really enjoys, and so do I! Sardinia is very diverse in terms of cuisine: beef, lamb and veal, lamb or pork are popular here (roasted pork is common in rural farms). On the other hand, there is always fish and fish: the local specialty is bottarga mullet (actually dried roe). Bottarga is very expensive, but we brought other people and prepared the recipe. A must stop for all food is the market in Cagliari, where you can find everything: beautiful zucchini flowers, large onions, soft tripe, tuna, fish and local pasta.

Pasta, is a season in itself. They usually do not have eggs (like in the south of Italy) and are different from the usual: they are “animals”. I personally like it very much. The specialty is the Malloredus style (or gnoccheti sardi). Make no mistake, this is pasta, not gnocchi! We saw the first night when Honza ordered gnocchi and called out for dinner who wanted potato legs.

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The most popular is the ravioli, which is filled with classic ricotta and spinach or beef. Clargone, where we find potatoes, mint and pecorino, may seem strange. Pecorino is everywhere! And we must not forget Fregola, which we have used on the blog, see the recipe here.

What was our best experience? A must visit Agriturismo Beda Ista (La Ciaccia). First you go uphill on a dirt road. There was nothing anywhere. The owner takes care of the work and the kitchen. Menu? Text only. Homemade Salami and Bacon. Ravioli with artichoke puree from the local garden. Sorry, we ran out of tomatoes, so we cut the cucumbers for you. The best almond cookies and jam pies will kill you. Only homemade Sardinian food. The brand will keep you coming back.

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We could continue, but the article will be long and today you will not read here 🙂 If you want to learn more about Sardinian cuisine, I recommend Carolina Cunina from the island of Sardinia. a lot. Sign in or go there to see! We will definitely be back. And maybe next year.

Oh, I forgot about the ribs! Sheep are the theme of every guide in Sardinia. We read somewhere that there are four million sheep, everywhere and everything is made with them. During my stay, I saw 1) two goats in the truck 2) the goat I sent to Praha Potika that I love 3) a goat in an empty field. Is it a crime or a scam? 😀

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