Artificial Intelligence Designed for Cannabis


High Automation Eteros Technologies acquires Bloom Automation to deliver computer vision and artificial intelligence to the cannabis industry.

Eteros Technologies USA, Inc., a global leader in cannabis harvesting equipment, recently acquired Bloom Automation, a leading agricultural technology (Ag-tech) company focused on the post-harvest cannabis market.

Founded in Canada in 2016, Eteros Technologies is now the leading global manufacturer of cannabis automation equipment. As the parent company of the Triminator and Mobius brands, Eteros seeks to provide post-harvest processing solutions throughout all stages of cannabis production. The acquisition of Bloom strengthens Etero’s ability to deliver on that end, by bringing computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to cannabis growers.

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Strokes in Power Cannabis and Ag-Tech

Although Ag-tech has been one of the fastest growing sectors in conventional agriculture and is expected to top 15.3 billion in 2025, Ag-tech in cannabis is still in its infancy. Eteros hopes to change this with the Bloom acquisition.

“As competitive as the cannabis market is today, this is only expected to increase as the market matures. There are so many areas in cannabis where producers are working manually because of the need for human intelligence,” said Aaron McKellar, CEO of Eteros. in harvesting automation to gain a competitive advantage. By combining Bloom’s technology with Mobio, we can equip operators with powerful new data to help them make better decisions and increase the level of automation.”

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This Ag-tech integration comes at a critical time for cannabis farmers looking at price reductions of up to 62% in mature markets like Colorado. These price reductions force farmers in the country to evaluate harvesting methods. Although many of the processes have already been engineered, Eteros believes the integration of Bloom technology, which uses sensor-equipped and AI-driven algorithms to collect data, will improve the accuracy, precision and efficiency of existing automation.

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Additionally, the technical capabilities of a completely new wave of process processing, including defoliation, harvest weight predictions, pathogen identification and leaf density assessment, was one of the main drivers for the acquisition.

Our mission has always been to bring AI and robotics to all areas of the cannabis industry. By joining Eteros, we can seamlessly create intelligent automation across a broad ecosystem of new and existing products,” said Jon Gowa, CEO of Bloom.

With a shared vision to empower cannabis farmers with actionable data, Eteros and Bloom expect to quickly offer turnkey AI automation across a broad spectrum of applications.


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