2023 Cadillac Xt6 Sport

2023 Cadillac Xt6 Sport – Cadillac was one of the first luxury brands to put its nameplate on an SUV (the 1999 Escalade), and just five years later, the company added a 3-row midsize crossover to its lineup (the 2004 SRX). But when the second-generation SRX shrunk in size and seating capacity, Cadillac went a decade without replacing the original 3-row SRX, finally followed by the 2020 XT6.

Built in Spring Hill, Tennessee, on the same assembly line as the GMC Acadia, the interior of the 2023 Cadillac XT6 is smaller than you might expect. Presumably, this is to ensure that the XT6 doesn’t cross into Escalade territory. Pricing supports that assumption, starting at just under $50,000 and rising to nearly $80,000 with all the bells and whistles, placing it below the base Escalade.

2023 Cadillac Xt6 Sport

Cadillac is bringing several changes to the XT6 for the 2023 model year. With the Premium Luxury and Sport trim levels, the infotainment system includes a standard navigation system, and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats, are standard equipment. Three new colors have also been launched. Otherwise, the XT6 is the same as when Cadillac introduced it three years ago.

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The Cadillac XT6 competes in the mid-size premium segment of the SUV market. J.D. According to the Power 2022 Automotive Performance, Performance and Configuration (APEAL) study, 56 percent of new Cadillac XT6 buyers are male (63 percent for the segment), and the average age of a new customer in an XT6 is 62 (56 vs. ).

, owners rated the XT6 in 10 key categories. Listed below in descending order, you’ll find their preferences, from what they like best about the car to what they like least:

Our test car had the Premium Luxury trim, which lives between luxury and sport in the 2023 Cadillac XT6 model line. It comes with the following options:

Open the XT6’s unassuming driver’s door and you’ll find a similarly unassuming interior that’s unmatched in design, components and technological prowess. The Grand Platinum package adds premium semi-inline leather to all three rows of seats and a set of extra luxury floor mats. With the cabin jet black, you get an unusual yet attractive gold interior decoration. Otherwise, the XT6’s shifter is reminiscent of other General Motors (GM) products, albeit with more refinement and refinement.

Cadillac Xt6 Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, And Photos

Additionally, in a segment where customers increasingly expect fully digital instruments, every XT6 features analog gauges separated by a digital driver information center. In addition, the infotainment system with touchscreen has an eight-inch diagonal, which is small by the standards of modern luxury cars. The XT6 also uses a Cadillac electronic joystick-style shifter, which looks like it belongs in a museum dedicated to 20th-century video games. A gloss black touch-sensitive climate control panel adds sophistication, but sits low and faces glare, making it difficult to use.

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Comfort levels are good, thanks to new standard heated and ventilated front seats and heated seats in the second row in the Premium Luxury trim. The test car looks, feels and smells great, the semi-inline leather, and the heated, electrically adjustable steering wheel rim is a joy to hold. General Motors knows how to create an air conditioner that can apparently freeze the stacks, and that’s thanks to the XT6’s triple-zone climate control system. However, the XT6 doesn’t come with massaging front seats, which you’ll find on other models in the segment.

The test car had an optional second-row captain’s seat, reducing the XT6’s practical seating to four since you’re likely to fold the third-row seats to create usable cargo space most of the time. The captain’s seat folds forward and backward and provides plenty of room for adults in their rearward position. The accommodation in the third row is not good and is best reserved for children.

Storage space is ample and there is a drawer under the center console that is difficult to see and access while sitting. All in all, the Cadillac XT6 isn’t as spacious inside as you might expect, so if you really need a spacious luxury crossover SUV and want to buy a GM product, I recommend looking elsewhere. Big Buick Enclave Avenir.

Cadillac Xt6 Premium Luxury Scottsdale Az

Back then, the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) was a paradigm of the infotainment system. Now, it’s a model of simplicity and intuitive design, and all the XT6 lacks is the big touchscreen you’ll find in its SUV competition.

The CUE system is the same as you’ll find in other GM products, and it’s simple. Although the 8-inch touchscreen is small, it provides clear and clean graphics, supports swipe and scroll functions, and provides quick response to inputs. Even better, the voice recognition technology is excellent, accurately interpreting commands and responding with fast, accurate results.

If you’re not comfortable using voice commands or the touchscreen to operate the CUE system, a set of physical controls is located on the center console. As with similar designs of BMW and Mercedes-Benz models, you need to memorize their positions and functions in order to use them without interference. Also, they take up valuable real estate that Cadillac could devote to higher storage space. Cadillac also offers some controls on the steering wheel, but the metal backing is hard to read in broad daylight.

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The test car had a premium 14-speaker Bose Performance Series sound system, and like most things about the Cadillac XT6, it sounds good, but it doesn’t match the size.

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At the top end, the XT6 has a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 237 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, delivered to the front wheels through a 9-speed automatic transmission. Premium Luxury and Sport use a satisfying 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 310 hp and 271 pound-feet of torque.

All-wheel drive (AWD) is optional on the Luxury and Premium Luxury, standard on the XT6 Sport. The Sport uses a unique dual-clutch AWD system that can distribute power to both sides of the drive axles and transfer it between the front and rear wheels. The more basic technology, offered as an option on the Luxury and Premium Luxury trims, simply transfers power from the front to the rear when needed. Both AWD systems offer front-wheel drive (FWD) or automatic AWD settings and either Touring or Sport driving modes.

As expected, the Cadillac XT6 premium luxury has proven to be fast, quiet and comfortable in the urban and suburban environments where it spends most of its time. The test vehicle’s adaptive dampers do a great job of dampening bumps and bruises while cleaning up rough pavement, and Cadillac masterfully suppresses unwanted powertrain and suspension noise. Even better, the XT6 is easier to drive and park than Cadillac’s behemoth Escalade, and it has a surround-view mirror system and a mirror to improve outward visibility.

Unsurprisingly, on the mountain roads near Malibu, California, the test vehicle’s adaptive suspension, 20-inch wheels wrapped in all-season tires, precise steering, and responsive brakes made the XT6 feel secure and confident when driving. You drive it with enthusiasm. It shouldn’t be fun to drive because the XT6’s premium luxury isn’t set up to encourage that kind of driving. However, it’s also not bland and light, which is a pleasant surprise.

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Along with a more sophisticated dual-clutch AWD system, Cadillac enhances the XT6 Sport with Brembo brakes. Drive this SUV version in sport mode and it will put a smile on your face. But I can’t say that for sure.

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Every 2023 Cadillac XT6 includes the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) you’ve come to expect from a modern luxury SUV. The driver assistance package adds adaptive cruise control, advanced automatic emergency brakes that operate at high vehicle speeds, automatic reverse braking and a seat belt tensioning system. A Technology Package is also available and, among other features, equips the XT6 with rear pedestrian detection, a surround camera system and a semi-autonomous park assist system.

Speaking of semi-autonomous driver assistance technology, Super Cruise is available on the 2023 Cadillac XT6. This option combines the SUV’s adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist system to create hands-free driving technology that can be used on approved limited-access highways in the United States and Canada. It uses a sophisticated driver monitoring system to ensure you stay alert and ready to take full control of the SUV at a moment’s notice. So while you don’t have to hold the wheel, you won’t be able to check email, scroll through social channels or watch a movie when Super Cruise is on.

Super Cruise is an impressive technological achievement. While other automakers offer similar systems, few have highway-speed operation, and none of the XT6’s direct competitors can match this offering. However, during testing on various routes in the Los Angeles area, the limitations of this technology became very clear.

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Supercruise is best when the Cadillac XT6 is traveling at high speeds on relatively flat freeway lanes in light traffic. Slow speeds, narrow lanes with inconsistent corner lane markings, and heavy traffic are challenges that make it difficult to rely on technology, which in turn increases stress levels. I found that Super Cruise was uncomfortable to use in some situations, partly due to the delay in recognizing when other vehicles cut the space between the XT6 and the traffic ahead.

In addition to these challenges, driving early in the morning or

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